Apple iPhone 5 fever continues In spite of Rumbling over Maps


Some analysts are expecting sale of as many as 10 million units of iPhone 5 already 2 million units are preordered on the very first day that is double the sale of its previous installment iPhone 4S. According to JP Morgan, this phone will heighten the U.S. economy upto $3.2 billion in the fourth quarter.

But the success of Apple Co. is spoiled by its competitors like Samsung Electronics Co. who is planning to drag iPhone 5 into their existing patent case against Apple. Another Competitor (manufactures of Blackberry) has disclosed that it is having service problems in Europe, Middle East and Africa once again.

iPhone 5 is slimmer, lighter and comes with larger screen along with the more advanced than the previous models, yet some people are still not impressed. They are criticizing it on the basis of geographical errors that its new Map App has come up with.

Everyone has not benefited from the Apple’s success as some of the ex-employees of the company at Paris were protesting against it for being denied of the yearly bonus of extra month’s pay and staffer meal vouchers. Some previous retailers along with these employees were also dissenting against the Apple guidelines.

Apple stores worldwide are still getting crowds of large number of customers.

People keep waiting in lines for hours in front of Apple stores whether it is in the Fifth Avenue of New York City or London Central Reagent Street, the Frankfurt Apple shop or the Apple store in , whether it is Tokyo or Hong Kong, the scenario is the same everywhere. People are getting crazy for the iPhone 5.

The highest margin or revenue bringing product of Apple is its iPhone that accounts for more than half of the revenues the company garners but it is expected that Apple’s revenue will be fueled furthered by the new iPhone and it may so happen that Apple will run out of the new iPhone.


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