EarPods.com owner expects to get $2 million from Apple for his domain name


Unfortunately the plan did not work. The owner of the domain name is one lucky guy as Apple chose to name their new earphones Ear Pods. Ear Pods were first presented to the world at Apple’s main iPhone 5 launch event when the world saw the $29 revolution in ear buds for the first time.

But the EarPods.com owner did not win the Apple lottery yet. Apple might try to forcefully grab the domain name from the government body that controls domain names. The brokerage firm says that Apple’s trademark won’t be a good enough argument for Apple to get the domain name. Expert analysts say that Apple will most likely make an offer close to few hundred thousand dollars for the domain in question.

The owner hopes for $2 million. This might not be that farfetched as Apple is known to spend between $1 million and $10 million for domain names. One of its most memorable acquisitions is iCloud.com for which Apple paid $4.5 million.


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