Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch gaming console to start this week


The console features detachable controllers and is intended for use both on the go and connected to a TV at home. Screen protectors, a stand, a charger for two sets of Joy-Cons controllers, an arcade stick, a joypad, car charger, LAN adapter, case for the Switch handheld, and a case for the game cartridges are some known features of the new games console. The console will come with a non-removable battery. It’s supposed Zelda will be among the first Switch games offered. Nintendo has promised the launch will be in March, and currently March 17 is the rumored day. The rumors suggest it has a multi-touch screen (like a smartphone, rather than the stylus-using 3DS) but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything. Those same rumors suggest the screen is 6.2 inches and 720p, although it’ll run at 1080p when plugged into a TV. Apparently the console will run on cartridges instead of discs.Iit means much faster load times and less piracy.


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