Foxconn aims to automate away a vast majority of its human employees


The company headquartered in New Taipei City (Taiwan), will first replace the work that involves labor humans are unwilling or is either dangerous to do during the first out of three total phases. As part of the next phase, efficiency improvements will target streamlining production lines in order to ensure no robots are used in excess. During the last phase, Foxconn will automate away a vast majority of its human employees in some of its factories, “with only a minimal number of workers assigned for production, logistics, testing, and inspection processes”.

The recently announced automation process should come as no surprise to anyone as the march of manufacturing automation has been in place at Foxconn for years. The company can produce 10000 in-house developed robots each year. These will be used to replace human labor, similarly to how the company reportedly automated away close to sixty thousand working positions at one of its factories.


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