Cyanogen will be shutting down all services on December 31st


Cyanogen took the dynamic world of Android modifications and turned them into an OS and a viable business. The operating system, widely known for its many personalization features, improved battery life, interface, speed, and enhanced security, gave people the power to customize their smart-phone and tablet device and content experiences.

Unfortunately for its employees and users, Cyanogen announced it will no longer provide custom services for devices running its OS as everything will be shut down on December 31st. The “nightly builds” of the customized operating system will no longer be produced either. Cyanogen OS-based devices will likely still continue to function correctly. However, experts suggest users affected by the planned shut down to switch over from Cyanogen or buy another phone if they lack the know-how to do this. This is a good idea for anyone who wants to avoid potential future security risks that come along with not updated software.


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