Millions of car airbags must be replaced to respect the safety new standard


Their latest recall includes the Corolla and the Vitz or Yaris hatchback. It covers driver-side and passenger-side airbags installed in cars produced between May 2000 and November 2001, and April 2006 and December 2014. That means 1.16 million vehicles sold in Japan, about 820,000 cars sold in China and around 1.47 million cars in the European market. And the recall extends to Central and South America, Africa, the Near and Middle East and Singapore, and also includes the Hilux pick-up truck and the Etios line of sedans and hatchbacks. Having the airbag replaced with others which respect the safety standard is important for every car owner because it was proved, ammonium nitrate  can explode with excessive force after drying out due to prolonged exposure to hot conditions.


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