Iconic Windows service host process will be discontinued


The biggest change of them all is that a process we all know by the name of svchost.exe will be forever gone. Microsoft has fundamentally changed how Windows 10 will handle background processes in order to enhance performance for higher-end systems. Windows started bundling processes into service hosts because of different memory-saving advantages. Nowadays we all have a lot more memory than we used to. Breaking down the service hosts into individual processes will lead to an overall increase in the operating system’s reliability.

Microsoft engineer, Dona Sarkar, shared the first thoughts on this change in a blog post today: “If your PC has 3.5+ GB of memory, you may notice an increased number of processes in Task Manager. While this change may look concerning at first glance, many will be excited to find out the motivation behind this change”. What is more important is that this update will likely also address some security concerns. Having separate processes means they are easier to troubleshoot and the operating system is more robust and less prone to security vulnerabilities by keeping each process isolated from one another. Naturally, critical system services will remain grouped.


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