Apple will soon start an overdue cleaning of the App Store


Out of the sea of more than 2 million apps close to 90% of them are currently considered to be zombie apps. These are the apps that are invisible and can only be found by searching for the complete application name. Analysts expected this effect due to the astronomical rise seen in the AppStore in the past three years. We keep seeing more and more often applications that rely solely on the success of others and hope to gain new installs by using deceptive keywords.

But it’s not all bad news for developers. In case of buggy apps, Apple announced it will give a 30 day notice to the developers of the flagged applications to be able to provide an update for eventually needed fixes. After that the version of the app will be completely removed from the AppStore. Whoever got to install those applications will still have them. In case the removed app has in-app purchases, those payments will still function.


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