Lifestage – an application for teenagers on Facebook

Facebook launched Lifestage, on Friday. It’s a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under which focus on users’ profiles turning  clips recorded into a video profile that others can watch instead filling in biography with text. It was designed for high-schoolers to learn more about their classmates, being created by the 19-year-old app developer Michael Sayman, who was offered a job at Facebook after landing a meeting with CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the company’s annual conference in 2014.

He confessed that Lifestage’s design was inspired by old versions of Facebook itself. Anyone can download Lifestage but anyone 22 or older will only be able to see their own profile. The teenager user must select a high school and will then see the video profiles from people at your school or ones nearby. There is another limitation: Lifestage only shows other people profiles from a school if the school is activated after 20 people from are using it. It will be a success ? Possibly. Another creation of the teenage Sayman, 4Snaps, a photo-charades app, reached No. 1 on the word games chart, with a few million users.