Samsung S Launcher, the start menu Microsoft doesn’t want you to have


The big company completely removed the start button and wants us to get used to this.

Well, why should we? Especially since keyboards nowadays include a key or two for the start button. Samsung foresaw this potential problem and this is why it made a widget called “S Launcher”. The widget emulates the old start button in every detail. When clicking the start button the start menu is shown. Here, users are given the possibility to do a real time search or to launch their favorite applications. The start button and menu can also be configured.

Microsoft might not be successful in its attempt to wean users out of using the start button. Samsung announced that it will include the widget “S Launcher” in each default Windows installation on its PCs. The widget will not be the only one of its kind. Many companies will most likely offer a lot of alternatives to the old start button.


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