Blizzard expected to release StarCraft HD next month


The report releasing details about the remastered game comes from a South Korea news station. Blizzard has not yet confirmed the news regarding StarCraft HD and other details regarding it are scarce to say the least. Despite being an old game, the original StarCraft is still very popular in South Korea. With professional leagues, stadiums full of fans watching players duke it out in games of StarCraft and even TV shows covering matches on cable TV, it’s no wonder StarCraft became part of South Korean culture not long after it was first released.

Blizzard’s next installment StarCraft II was split over the course of 5 years. Game titles such as StarCraft II Wings of Liberty (release date 2010), StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm (release date 2013), and StarCraft II Legacy of the Void (release date 2015) have been installed by millions of fans world-wide. Given the fact that the original StarCraft game is still being played by nostalgic fans, it isn’t that surprising that the company is focusing on bringing the original title up-to-date using the StarCraft II engine.


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