Rumors almost certainly about the future Nintendo NX console


The NX, in other words, will be a complete departure from traditional game consoles. It will use game cartridges as its choice of physical media and it’s recommended a 32GB cartridge. Probably digital game downloads will also be available. A number of different sources confirmed that Nintendo’s upcoming NX will also have detachable controllers. The system can connect to your TV for gaming on the big screen. The new device, equipped with Nvidia’s powerful mobile processor Tegra, is expected to run on a new operating system from Nintendo and not simply on Android. Rumors are about a balance between power and energy efficiency to maintain battery life, which is vital for a portable system. It’s also almost sure that some known games such Zelda or Mario may differ when played on the device. However Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017. Confirmed games to come for are: The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI, Project Sonic 2017, Just Dance 2017 and probably Pikmin 4, Super Mario, Splatoon and the latest Super Smash Bros.


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