Motorola’s device unlocking page is live


There are many tools on the internet that allow you to get root access permissions (the process is known as rooting). Motorola offers a bootloader unlocking program.

Making people familiar with unlocking is a good thing. People who try to unlock their device and do not know what they are doing could easily end up with a “dead” device that can not be easily fixed. Motorola also warns on its website that “Unlocking the bootloader will allow you to make modifications to your phone that could damage it irreparably. If you are not aware of these risks, we recommend you DO NOT unlock your device.”

Motorola’s website now hosts a page called “Unlock My Device”. The company offers a great extent of information on how to unlock its devices. Before proceeding with the device unlock Motorola informs us that we first need to have the latest Motorola drivers and the Android SDK.

The page can be found here. Although support is limited to 4 devices Motorola will most likely keep adding instructions on how to unlock new mobile phones and tablets. Right now only Photon Q, XOOM WiFi and Verizon version and RAZR developer edition can be unlocked.


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