Windows 10 updates causing serious problems


For quite some time after this the company managed to get back the licensed operating system users on their side. The massive Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” has made some people forget about any possible concerns. Windows 10 had however from the very launch a ticking bomb. For the home edition license users are not given the possibility to opt out of any windows update. These are installed automatically.

Until recently only some people complained that after some updates they began experiencing small to moderate problems. However, now with the latest April updates “KB3147461” and “KB3147458” unhappy customers have flooded the Microsoft’s forums. The company started an official thread for affected users and the user engagement was very high. Very fast, nearly 900 people posted their case or responses in what ended up taking more than 88 web pages. Among the listed problems are: crashes or inability to see the start menu (some have decided to switch over to alternate Start Button solutions like Win10 from Stardock), various critical errors or even bluescreens (BODs), broken apps (even simple apps like the windows calculator fail to start) and continuous crash loops that leave your PC useless.


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