Samsung to launch Galaxy S3 64GB model


There is no dedicated camera key, the body is all-plastic and S-Voice does not work as seen on TV. But many Samsung owners moved past these few disadvantages and just complained about the internal storage which is 32 GB maximum.

With a powerful phone like Samsung Galaxy S3 you will most likely need storage space comparable in size with the one on your desktop. Samsung declared that it is currently working on a revision of the phone that will offer 64GB internal storage memory.

Samsung Galaxy S3’s direct competitor is Apple’s iPhone. Similar to the iPhone, Galaxy S3 was a hit before it was even launched. According to a report from the month of May, 9 million units of Samsung Galaxy S3 have been pre-ordered. With its Galaxy flagship, Samsung managed to dethrone Nokia from its position of mobile phone market leader. Nokia had a grip on this position for well over 15 years. iPhone 5 will be launched soon so Samsung can not just sit and wait as it has a lot to fear.


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