The New Nintendo 3DS offers official Super Nintendo game support


Thanks to emulators, playing old Super Nintendo games on handheld devices has been possible for years. But none of the already existing solutions was officially supported by Nintendo until now. Starting with the 3rd of March popular Super Nintendo games like Pilotwings, Super Mario World and F-Zero can be downloaded for $7.99 per game from Nintendo’s eShop. The only downside is that the company did not create a way for existing game owners to get any sort of discount.

Despite not being any cross-platform price relief, anyone who these “revived” games back in August 1991 when they were first released will surely enjoy playing them again 25 years later. To make the deal even more sweet Nintendo says it’s including 3DS tweaks to the games, among which a “pixel perfect” setting that will let gamers play their old favorite games at their original resolution.


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