Atari is releasing this year a massive collection of classic games ported on PC


Unlike the multitude of different Atari collections that can be found online, this official game bundle comes also with few upgrades that will certainly entice fans world-wide to purchase the upcoming Atari PC bundle. Besides the massive release scale, the features of the games will also increase, at least for several of them. The company announced it will also be adding both online and local multi-player support for some of the games. Furthermore, gamers will be able to use their Steam controllers to play the game collection. Other few upgrades to the games are also to be expected.

An official release date was not yet announced by Atari. But according to different online sources the massive collection of Atari classic games ported on the PC is expected to be launched sometime this spring. Until then enthusiastic gamers can either enjoy their emulated Atari games or play them on their old Atari game consoles.


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