Free Chromecast deal announced for US users that switch to Android Pay


Not only will the people participating to this promotion win the free media streaming dongle but in the process also offers 3 free songs from the Play store. launched the offer with one of its promotion cards that reads: “Android Pay Rewards: Pay in stores to earn rewards… Ready, set, tap! Use Android Pay in stores 10 times by Feb 29 and earn rewards along the way”.

The idea is rather simple. One gets more free stuff as he/she taps and pays. After the first tap a free song from the Google Play Music is offered. After the 2nd and 6th tap other songs are offered free of charge. The free Google Chromecast dongle redeem code is offered at the 10th tap. The redeem code can be used then in the Google Store to get the actual device. The entire list of terms and conditions can be found on the following page from the Android website.


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