Google and Ford discussing about partnering to produce self driving cars


One of them spent 14 years at Ford. Ford executives have been dropping hints all year that it could work with Google, Apple or another tech giant to accelerate its quest to bring self-driving cars to market. CEO Mark Fields signaled that Ford sees new mobility models as a way to grow its business. Ford’s r&d center is working on self-driving software, but they are convinced that a partnership could produce even better results. It’s not however yet clear if Ford would design a purpose-built vehicle for Google or supply a standard production car fitted with the sensors and computers that the car needs to guide itself down the road. The card produced in partnering with Google would use the automaker’s production-ready power train as well as safety and emissions components. Google’s first generation of 100 self-driving vehicles were assembled in Detroit by Roush Industries, a company closely aligned already with Ford.


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