Microsoft’s plan to promote Windows 10 deemed too aggressive


Some technology experts have went so far to compare this new promotional tactic with one adopted by malware software. Indeed, a user is presented with only two options via big buttons: “Start download, upgrade later” and “Upgrade now”. Although there is no clear “No thanks” button, if a user does not want to switch to Windows 10 at all then he/she can simply use the window’s classic x button to close it. But it can be understood why some people feel that Microsoft is just trying to trick users that do not know their way around PC’sthat well into downloading and switching to Windows 10.

On Twitter and Facebook many Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users have joined sides with those raising a finger at Microsoft. “That looks almost like a Web malware popup” writes Wes Miller on Twitter. Bad news do not stop here. In the next year Microsoft plans to push Windows 10 through the recommended updates. For anyone using the default Windows Update option who also has the option to automatically install all new Recommended updates (as most home users should), Windows 10 will start downloading automatically.


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