Windows 8 RTM announced, release preview still free for download


Microsoft released many intermediary versions that were tested on over 16 million PCs. Windows 8 Release Preview is one of these. Microsoft offers Windows 8 Release Preview free for download and it can be used by anyone who has a personal computer that meets the minimum requirements of the operating system. The Release preview version will no longer be available once Windows 8 is released on 26th October.

Lately there was a lot of buzz over Microsoft newest operating system. On one hand Microsoft promised and delivered many improvements to its OS. Microsoft Corporation has also received a lot of criticism from all corners of the world. Big game manufacturers accuse Microsoft of unfair practices and threaten not to release games for Windows 8 anymore. Many people hate Windows but up until now most of the haters were Linux lovers.

Windows 8 is different from what we are used to. Many Windows fans declared they hate the new operating system after they tried it. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • Virtual storefronts that promote Windows apps will be integrated in the OS. You will be tired by occasional ads that disrupt your browsing activity. APPS will not be as efficient or effective as normal software.
  • The new patented user interface Windows Metro UI used in Windows 8 is totally different from what we are used to. Navigating through menus hidden inside other menus with the new tablet like design is not user friendly
  • Desktop as we know it is gone. All thanks to Metro UI. Some improvements are present in the new way of grouping icons and gadgets. But the old way a desktop worked made it a lot easier to organize your shortcuts and files.


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