Apple will reportedly kill the 3.5mm headphone jack on the next-gen iPhone


The company plans to “shave off” from the current thickness of the iPhone. Reports say that by removing the headphone jack completely, Apple will make the smart phones by at least 1mm thinner. iPhone6S is 7.1 mm thick while iPhone6 was only 6.9mm thick. With this strategic move Apple will be able to boast that iPhone 7 is the thinnest iPhone in existence.

iPhone fans have no real reason to worry. While the headphone jack will reportedly be a thing of the past with Apple, a user can still listen to music or voice calls with headphones. The company will support wired headphones via its lighting adapter as well as via Bluetooth. The very same report that describes Apple’s strategic move explains that Lighting connector-equipped EarPods will be bundled with iPhone7. Such a change will trigger a chain of other changes in the industry. Manufacturers could soon rush to fill a new market for 3.5mm-to-lighting adapters.


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