Google engineer reports bad OnePlus USB Type-C cable


Benson Leung advised Amazon buyers against getting the OnePlus USB type C adapter and cable in a Google+ post: “Don’t buy this #USB #TypeC adapter for your Chromebook Pixel or Nexus 6P/5X phone. It uses the wrong identifier resistor… Oneplus needs to get the message that their accessories are out of spec.”

Unlike the Nexus 6P which also charges with a Type-C cable the Nexus 5X does not come with the adapter for it. The USB Type-C cable that OnePlus sells is stylish and is considered to be a first go to option for people looking to buy a small and nice looking adapter that transforms micro-USB to USB Type-C. But since there are still many other manufacturers that sell these dangerous cables and/or adapters, the ony way to bring them up to spec in the future is to pinpoint the flaws. Leung concluded: “None of the ones presently available are spec compliant, but several vendors have been in touch with me to repair their broken cables and adapters”.


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