Fallout 4 pip boy edition pre-orders cancelled through PayPal


The actual cause that led to this problem is unknown as PayPal refused to share with GAME why payments have failed due to “security and privacy” reasons. GAME issued the following statement: “Stock will be secured in our distribution centre until we are able to ensure payment and delivery. This stock will not be released for general sale. We will contact all customers via email within the next 48 hours with an order status”. Fans were asked to rest assured that their Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition is safe.

The problems with the pre-orders began with just days until the release date of Fallout 4 as some pre-orders of the limited Pip-Boy Edition were cancelled. Some customers upset to see the cancellation have sent emails to the UK retailer to complain about the situation. GAME responded quick with a solution for all emails and then made the situation known to all Fallout fans. GAME customer service was available for help in case of replacing of cancelled orders.


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