The Skarp Razor, with laser technology, to be produced in 2016


Even though the Skarp Razor can be used with water, for example in the shower, it doesn’t require any water. The laser has a life of 50,000 hours; it is low power & eye safe. The Skarp Razor uses a single AAAbattery  that will last about a month with normal use. $1.1 million to sustain the project was deposed by interested people at Kickstarter. Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun founded Skarp to create a razor that doesn’t cause irritation, shaves smoothly and can help reduce waste. Gustavsson, who  has been working in the medical and cosmetic laser industry for three decades, is already the inventor of Intense Pulsed Light. Interested people who want  the razor from the first dispatched batches, can fund Skarp on Kickstarter (19 days left). The Skarp Razor will be produced in 2016.


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