Sunglasses made with NASA-certified technology on sale for less than $80


It’s a well known fact that astronauts are exposed in space to high levels of high-energy light and radiation. As a result many astronauts have developed cataracts. scientists began looking and working on preventive solutions since the 1980s.

Alan Mittleman, president and CEO of Eagle Eyes explains, “When we’re born, our eyes are clear like drops of water. Throughout life, we start to destroy those sensitive tissues, causing the yellowing of the eyes and the gradual worsening of eyesight.” Eagle Eyes lenses are the only lenses out there which are based on work done at ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Experts evaluate their performance above those of other popular sunglasses brands because they can filter out harmful radiation, permit vision-enhancing wavelengths of light and reduce light scattering, protecting one’s eyesight while also improving visibility.

According to Technology page the Eagle Eyes lens allows wearers to see more clearly because it protects from ultraviolet light. And what is even more important is that it blocks blue light and thus allows in the good visible light while at the same time filtering out the harmful wavelengths. The company named Eagle Eyes Optics is making sunglasses with this special NASA certified material and is selling them to the public. One can buy them for less than $80 – prices range from $39.95 to $79.95 (with current discounts).


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