Ridiculous application LikeParent is crushing the App Store charts


The idea behind Like Parent is to let anyone compare his/her own picture against mom and dad’s to see which one he/she looks like more. This is at least what was the initial goal of the application. Mualchon Chatsuwan details: “When I made this app, the original idea was ‘How I can made the app that anyone can use?’” However, the developer decided in the end that there was no need for any face detection/face recognition algorithms in order for the application to serve its purpose. Instead, upon choosing three images (of yourself, of your mom and of your dead) the application just simulates it is analyzing the images and then throws different results each time the same pictures are “analysed”.

Many users, who also rated the application with just one star, complain about this on the presentation page for the app Like Parent. Some even claim that the developer isn’t even using a random algorithm to generate the new numbers that show up for the same pictures at each new analysis. After analysing the images multiple times the result numbers begin to repeat and reportedly when using completely different images you will get the same set of numbers. Chatsuwan already has 78 apps in the App Store and his biggest until now was a similar app called Like Animal. He uses his other apps to promote new ones and this has definitely contributed to Like Parent’s raise in popularity. In the end these apps are to be seen each as another silly app and their purpose is to make people laugh and this is exactly what they do even without using complicated algorithms.


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