Google Map service proved to be vulnerable to malicious attacks


This is related to the fact that searches using racist language followed by the word “house” pinpointed the White House, home of President Barack Obama. The crowd-sourced editing capabilities publicly available as a facility for the users produced “escalated attacks to spam Maps over the past few months,” Pavithra Kanakarajan of the Map Maker team said to explain the actual action of the company. It’s not known, for the instant, what changes will be made to stop such attacks and if the editing capability offered to the public will be maintained. Fact is, unfortunately, that the cyber attacks are now at an unprecedented level ruining the efforts to make a better world based on the IT. This will require as usual must to do in the future, for developers, to spend more time to build protection than to create the product itself. As we try to not admit it yet as a component of our reality, fact is that the evil spirit is present in the human race and is here to stay for a long time because our spiritual evolution is slow.


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