Windows 10 will come with Candy Crush Saga game preinstalled


Instead the modern version of these classic games could have been downloaded from the Windows Store for free.

Candy Crush Saga will surely lower the productivity of many PC users as this is the game that “swept the mobile world like wildfire”, as Microsoft has also mentioned in a statement. In 2013 the game boasted with $1.5 billion in revenue. What will be special about this Candy Crush Saga version though is that King and Microsoft have worked together to make it cross-playable with Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft announces good news for existing Windows 8 users who are maybe considering the free Windows 10 upgrade. The games will come preloaded on the Windows 10 update too, not only on the fresh Windows 10 installation. In addition “Other King titles will also be coming to Windows 10, which should mean hours (and hours… and hours) of fun for all sorts of gamers,” said Microsoft


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