PlayStation 4 eBay listings bundled with Silent Hills P.T. still exist


As a result of eBay policy violation listings similar to these got deleted. Now a search on eBay reveals that sellers still offer this bundle in both US and UK marketplaces. In efforts to avoid any eBay bots that might flag their listing for deletion some sellers even advertise their game console with P.T. and with other games.

Days ago PlayStation gamers world-wide were sad to find out that the ‘Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo can’t be re-downloaded and that it was truly gone forever. P.T. disappeared from the PSN. Usually in such cases anyone who has downloaded the file in the past would still be able to see it listed so that he/she can downloaded it once more into their own library. This was not the case here. Unless you still have the game stored on your console, the demo is truly gone and you can no longer get it online.

Konami is not disabling copies of P.T.. The Silent Hill playable teaser demo was exactly what the name suggested: a free piece of software. And because there is no license agreement there is also nothing to force the company to keep it online. Anyone still having the game can play it.


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