DirectX 12 will render up to 12 times more polygons than DirectX 11


Shewchuk explained how this performance was achieved also with the help of Microsoft’s DirectX 12. The next generation graphics API for Windows devices bring now “about six to twelve times more” than what DirectX delivered. The presented demo was not already pre-rendered. And with such impressive graphics in order to shed any sign of doubt from the audience, Shewchuk took control of the demo and walked around the scene in real-time while also changing some elements such as the lighting.

The textures used in the demo were 8K by 8K. Shewchuk further explained that “every piece of hair is being rendered as a polygon – this isn’t surface map stuff. I think it’s an incredible example of just how far people are pushing big data”. DirectX 12 release date was not yet made public but it is rumored that it will be made available together with Windows 10 sometime in the month of July.


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