HoloLens, an ambitious Microsoft project almost achieved


As an example, someone wearing the device could see some objects on a table that are not really there, and they will be able to interact with them as if they were real and actually in front of them. Microsoft HoloLens is a headset that lets you see virtual objects and environments as if they existed in the real world. These are holographic glasses and they’ll be coming out around the same time as Windows 10. Everything is in the headset; that includes a CPU, a GPU, and something Microsoft is calling a Holographic Processor. Hololens is about putting virtual things all over your real life. As a sort of augmented reality, HoloLens produced from the testers various reactions, including one which refer to “tantalizing experiences.” But for all of them felt was amazing. At the same time, Microsoft announced the Windows Holographic Platform. In short, the company will let developers turn Windows 10 apps into holograms for HoloLens.


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