1.5-inch cube that does nothing raised $500000 on Kickstarter


If you are wondering what is the appeal then be pleasantly surprised. The cube’s allure is it’s weight. At it’s small size one would be intrigued to find out it weighs 2.2 pounds. This is possible because of its composition. Kilo Cube is made out of 95% pure tungsten. This rare metal is one of the hardest and densest materials on planet Earth.

The item itself doesn’t serve a specific purpose but many of its supporters commented on the Kickstarter campaign page with their own reasons for wanting one. One of its backers explained he will offer it as a gift to his wife as a symbol of their “solid” marriage. Educators want it so that they can teach their students more about the physics of density and therapists want them for their patients who are in a desperate need for an object that could keep them calm in their moments of stress.

The Kickstarter campaign which has gathered until now $487,241 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1014603694/forge-solid-denser-than-solid-uranium) was closed last week. Its creator, Jaime Raijman, says that the first batch of 1,500 cubes will be shiped to early supporters sometime later this month.


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