Age of Empires 2 will get an expansion 16 years after its release


The upcoming expansion will keep the core game-play but at the same time it will augment the game experience by giving game fans something new.

Ensemble Studios, the developer behind the original Age of Empires II game, no longer exists since 2009. Back in 2013 Microsoft brought back the game in its high-definition version. So, to be fair the upcoming expansion pack is not for the original Age of Empires 2. And it isn’t actually the first expansion pack for this new version because the first one was a DLC named The Forgotten made by developer Skybox Labs.

Skybox Labs is bringing this brand new expansion also. But with this update a lot more will be packed in. Players would be able to choose among new civilizations, game modes, campaigns, units and much much more. For old school gamers this isn’t a reboot of an old game as they see it for what it is: an update. The HD edition of the game and all of its expansion packs are available on Steam. As for this big new update from Skybox Labs, you won’t be able to find it yet. It will be released at the end of 2015.


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