Users to soon beta test next Playstation 4 update


Via email selected users received a message with a voucher for the download which will expire on March 9th.

This is not the first time a big gaming company does something like this. Microsoft rolled out a similar program slightly more than a year ago when it selected at random Xbox One users to beta test its upcoming software updates. In the same direction Microsoft only recently announced this for the Xbox 360.

Sony has prepared at least one big feature with its latest upcoming update. With this feature the company enabled the console’s low power “rest-mode”. By using this feature gamers will be able to pause and resume games from where they left off at any given time even if they are in the middle of a game where until now they couldn’t save their progress. More information in regards to when will this update be available for the average PS4 gamer is not available but it is rumored that the update will go live sometime this spring.


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