HTC One M9 details leak a day before the Mobile World Congress


However, in these cases there usually is an agreement that the captured video footage will not be made public until a certain date.

If the clip showing the new HTC One M9 is legit, it could very well mean that the embargo was broken as most likely a tech blogger couldn’t wait and posted the video footage of HTC’s new flagship phone over the internet so everybody could see it.

The M9 is very similar in appearance with the M8, if the posted clip is to be believed that is. It has an all-metal frame but with a “dual-finish”. This means that while the back is silver, the edges are gold. There are some other small differences too. The power button was repositioned as it is now located on the side just under the volume buttons. HTC ditched the dual camera and allegedly chose a single 20MP camera located on the back. There are only hours until we can find out if this is the real HTC One M9.


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