Google offers free $6 credit on Google Play to proud Chromecast owners


Starting with the very launch of the device Google has included some nice deals to make it even more attractive. Some customers that bought it two years ago got 3 free months on Netflix. And when people asked what else could have made this device deal even sweeter (besides having 5GHz WiFi support), Google came and offered free money just if you owned one. The deal which began as an U.S. only offer is to present $6 in Google Play credits to anyone who can confirm their Chromecast serial number with Google. Now, however it was confirmed that this offer is valid in Europe too, and depending on your currency you can get either £5 or 6 euros.

In order to redeem this offer you must fist ensure that you are connected to the same wireless network as your Chromecast device. Then, via your tablet/smart phone go to Google’s Chromecast application. There you will have the option to “Check For Offers” (under the three-dot button in the upper-right corner). Once you confirm the Chromecast serial number with Google you will be able to choose the money as PlayStore credit, a random movie, 90 days of free trial play Music, or 3 months free Now TV. Furthermore, people owning multiple Chromecast devices have confirmed they were able to redeem their reward once per device using the same application.


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