Windows 10 new preview version has Cortana and Xbox features


In case you are a Windows enthusiast or you are just curious to see this last new build and have a virtual machine ready to install it then you can get it free from Microsoft’s website. ISO files can be downloaded from the following location: For existing Windows 10 users it is even easier as they get the new build as part of Windows Update (from Settings). There are however cases in the wild where existing Windows 10 Users have reported that they can’t get the newest Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview update. It could be a problem in their existing builds and experts suspect those users have tampered with existing Windows files in order to have removed the Windows 10 watermark from their desktop and in the process they removed their current build information which helped with the update.

As part of this new Windows 10 preview version you can see a lot of changes and improvements: from changes in the user interface of Windows 10 to tweaks of the Start Menu. There are also updates to Action Center (the notification center) and to some already-available apps from previous builds such as Photos. Unfortunately there still are applications like Mail and Maps which remained a simple place-holder in earlier builds which did not get updates. Microsoft promises to update these in future builds.


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