Windows 10 at its start on Wednesday, January 21


Microsoft’s intelligent voice-controlled assistants, Cortana, will be present. It will act as the primary search interface, as well as some smart integration in the browser and other applications. Windows 10 will support some open source video files format and is even built to offer integration with the XBOX platform, lots of possibilities for gamers. Windows 10 will run on phones and tablets.

On the other side, developers can write now apps that will run on both desktop and mobile devices. The new Start Menu will have some various feature additions. Refreshed icons throughout the desktop, optional dark and light themes, a tweaked taskbar that makes use of accent colors, and some improvements to the style of universal applications will enhance the new Windows. The default camera app in Windows 10 will include a similar interface to that of the Lumia Camera. Windows 10 was planned to work with new hardware devices too, optional. One of them is the new version of Perceptive Pixel, the large touchscreen display. Rumors suggested hat Microsoft is planning to show also a phone-laptop hybrid on Wednesday.


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