Nokia N1 tablet sells like hotcakes: 20000 devices in 4 minutes


According to the same post another 566438 people are still looking to buy the N1 tablet and are currently waiting to buy one. Some fans argue that the tablet which was announced since last November is very popular not only because it is Android based but also because of its specifications. Nokia N1, has a 7.9 inch display and runs a 2.3 GHz Intel Z3580 Atom CPU (64bit). With 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage space it is really appealing. As far as performance goes the N1 behaves quite OK in the tests and it compares with Apple’s iPad mini.

For now this popular Nokia tablet will be sold only in China. The device itself isn’t sold by Nokia. Foxconn handles the support, sales and even the manufacturing. This is because Nokia relied this time on contractors and its input was limited to software and design. One quick example would be its Z launcher which the company hopes to license to others too.


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