Apple raises standards for “Made For iPhone” cases


This licensing program is not for everyone and Apple does not force anyone to comply to join. But suppliers who want to advertise their accessories as “Made for iPhone” must comply with its terms.

With the enforced changes all newly approved iPhone cases must elevate the mobile phone’ screen by at least one millimetre. This first requirement was added so that when the device is face-down its display doesn’t touch the surface it is put on. Suppliers can meet this requirement in different way. Either by raising the edges of the case or by adding a front-cover that will completely protect the display. Another rather important update is brought as Apple now requests that all Made for iPhone cases must withstand a ground impact from at least one meter drop test.

These changes are indeed great news for iPhone owners. If you are looking for a quality case and don’t want to risk it then Made for iPhone cases are always a good choice even though these might be slightly more expensive than other cases. And to encourage its users to see these cases in an even better light Apple shows it cares for the environment. For health and environmental reasons a number of substances were banned: phthalates, PFOA, PFOS, PBB, PBDE and formaldehyde are some of the banned substances. Earlier this year these particular substances were also banned in the U.S. so that they are no longer used in children toys production. Furthermore, iPhone cases which carry the Made for iPhone mark can not include any kind of material that comes from endangered animals or plants.


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