Bad Windows 7 patch which broke update process was withdrawn


Operating system users which had the above mentioned update installed reported on different support forums including to Microsoft that they can no longer install drivers for AMD and Nvidia as they are getting error code 0x8004FF91. It also broke future Windows 7 updates. The same error was reported when trying to install third party software such as Virtual Box. Both Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 users were allegedly affected by the bad patch.

In what could be the last of several updates that Microsoft will release this year the company included a patch that removes the previously rolled out update which affected machines worldwide. With these updates Microsoft also withdrawn another bad update with Exchange 2013 as end users discovered and reported problems with it. It is still unclear of how widespread and how many people were really affected by the certificate problem. Microsoft also didn’t explain what really caused the problem. One thing is certain though. As time passes people seem to feel that Microsoft Windows patches are less reliable. This concern is also aggravated by the company’s decision from earlier this year when it laid off many dedicated software testers.


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