iPod classics are still popular although they were discontinued


The device is recognized by its click-wheel interface which offered a quick way for the user to browse through huge lists of music and video. Although iPod classic started to loose some of its popularity when Apple introduced iPods and iPhones with touch-screen interfaces and flash storage to accommodate faster access rates, the device still kept a target audience. Nowadays some of its parts are very hard to source and this was also one of the reasons why Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to discontinue the device.

The now aging product is still sought after. On sites like eBay the device is selling for up to $1000 or even more and second hand iPod classic devices go for half the price. On sites like Amazon the prices were increased too. This phenomenon happens because there still is a market for these devices. The biggest iPod Touch only offers 64 GB of storage space and although Apple fans could still buy 128GB iPhone or iPad models they seem to prefer a device that does nothing else but just play media.


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