Nintendo presents what 2015 has in store during The Game Awards


Mario Maker, which will be available in the first half of next year for Wii U owners, was just one of the things Nintendo plans to offer us in 2015 but was definitely amongst the most cheered titles. For all watch the following Youtube video. In what was just a look in the past the game The Legend of Zelda was mentioned as a game that brought people together and brought joy as they show us new experiences.

Koji Kondo was welcomed to the stage and thanked for his music compositions from Mario, The Legend of Zelda, many other titles and the upcoming Mario Maker. Next, new footage premiered at The Game Awards featuring more of the new Mario Maker. Fans saw for the first time a new face of this thrilling game.

The ability to alter levels on-the-fly, swapping in art styles as well as having at your disposal just about any element from Mario that you can think of and easily create challenging levels were some of the things revealed during the featured video. Nintendo gamers also saw some exclusive footage of the Mario Maker game play. Until 2015 one can only hope that Mario Maker will become a popular series on its own.


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