Walt Disney Co. enters the education market


On December 11 this year will be launched an iPad app called “Mickey’s Magical Math World.” Within the free app, there are five add-on activities such as “Minnie’s Robot Count-Along” and “Goofy’s Silly Sorting”, with cost of $4.99 each or $19.99 for all five. This Disney initiative is based on fact that the American Association of Pediatrics estimates that children spend an average of seven hours a day on “entertainment media” that includes TVs, computers, phones and other electronic devices. After this math app, the company will launch a creative arts portfolio, then science, reading and social skills. After a series of mobile apps this  will later expand into other products such as books and interactive toys. On the market of education apps and devices, The Walt Disney Co is promising that its creations will meet the high-quality barrier.


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