People will remember Obama linked to the 3D printing technology


This operation was achieved earlier this year by a  team of Smithsonian 3D digital-imaging specialists who used the University of Southern California’s Light Stage face scanner to capture Obama’s face in high resolution, and handheld 3D scanners and SLR cameras to create a reconstruction of his bust. Now, this video explain how a such process is due. The fact that the President Obama was linked this way to the development of the 3D printing is not however accidental. He perceived years ago the value of this new  technology that he appreciated to have “the potential to revolutionize.” He did even more and asked funds to be allowed for research in domain, in 2012,anticipating an explosive development with applications in many areas and the potential to create new jobs. Life confirmed already his expectation. As it is known, even the astronauts in space are beginning to use 3D printing to create necessary components for the spatial systems and that isn’t “the last word”.


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