Head of Xbox Japan resigns after dismal Xbox One sales


Within the first few days from being available in around 24000 Xbox One game consoles were sold. Since the launch back in September the 4th, game fans only bought another 15000 other units. What happened comes in great contrast to the feeling everybody had at the mid-night launch countdown event which was held by Xbox in the launch day.

On the other hand Sony has managed to sell around 350,000 PlayStation 4 systems earlier this year within just few days after it launched its game console back in February 2014. Japanese console buyers like Sony over Microsoft. This could be very easily explained, analysts say. has always had a very strong sense of domestic loyalty. But of course, there are also other factors that contributed to Microsoft’s poor sales figures.

The now former head of Xbox Japan Takashi Sensui will reportedly continue to work at Microsoft where he worked starting back in 2002. Yoshinami Takahasi, one of Microsoft’s top executives, has allegedly taken over the Xbox’s chief spot. This was however not made official yet by Microsoft.


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