Made in China e-cigarettes found to have malware hardcoded into the charger


IT was informed about a data security breach after the computer of an executive was showing signs of infection. After the infection was cleaned the source of the malware had to be determined. This was however not possible. The PC system was patched up to date and the antivirus, firewall and anti-malware were running correctly.

Only when the IT engineer asked the boss if he experienced recent life changes he was provided with the answer which helped him identify the source of infection. The boss had recently quit smoking and switched to using a made in China e-cigarette. When the e-cigarette was connected to the PC for a quick charge it did more than just charge and infected the PC.

USB devices can be reprogrammed at the hardware level and the recent proof-of-concept attack called “BadUSB” showed the world how it would be possible to accomplish this. Still the IT guy found this experience mind blowing and cared to share it with the world on Reddit where it gathered more than 300 comments on the subject.


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