Prynt’s New Photo Printing Case will turn a smartphone into a Polaroid camera


This improvement is possible since the current prototype works over Bluetooth and the final retail version will provide a wired solution. Furthermore the consumer version will have better hardware integration. Not only will you be able to print a selfie or a normal photo that you take with your phone right away but you will also be able to print existing snapped photos or images from the cloud.

Prynt holds one more surprise that could very well make this device a real must-have. Prynt is already integrating augmented reality and users will be able to experience this first hand thanks to the already available software integration. One example would be that a user takes both photos and then videos of a particular scene and if he/she prints one of the taken pictures. Once he gives this photo to a friend that also owns a Prynt Photo Printing case then this user would be able to see the videos on top of the real-life printed picture if he uses Prynt software to film the printed photo.

But the real good news doesn’t stop here. The funding for this project will come from KickStarter. So if you want to get your hands on this wonderful device fast and cheap then all you need to do is to contribute $99 thus also helping the French startup company with your support.


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