Reported Apple iPhone 6 Plus problems could affect consumers worldwide


Later on these rumours were justified as being not true. Apple is aware of this rare bug but the users affected by random crashing are usually people having up to 500 apps installed. It’s really difficult to blame the problem on the currently used hardware especially since it’s said that iPhone users experienced these problems as far back as iOS 6.

Nonetheless, Apple has decided to stop using TLC NAND storage which they used in the 64GB iPhone 6 and 128GB iPhone 6 Plus models. A recall won’t be made as it is reported that Apple will try its best to fix existing issues with a iOS 8.1.1 update. The affected phone models will be produced in the future with MLC NAND flash storage which is more expensive.

Even though Apple will most likely not issue the recall for the affected phone models the affected consumers should not worry. Apple could potentially allow affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus owners to swap their phones as part of their warranty terms.


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